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How do I install the Tribeloo add-in for Outlook?
How do I install the Tribeloo add-in for Outlook?

How to install the Outlook add-in for users / employees for Windows and Mac and pin it to the ribbon

Written by Thomas Papen
Updated over a week ago

The Outlook add-in allows you to book a desk or meeting room directly from your Outlook calendar and link it to an Outlook event!

How to install the add-in (Outlook web and desktop)

  1. Windows: In Outlook, click Get Add-ins from the Home tab on the ribbon. You can also select File > Manage Add-ins, which will take you to Outlook on the web and open the Add-Ins for Outlook dialog there.

    Mac: Select See more items (…) in the toolbar and select Get Add-ins

    Outlook on web: Please refer to this Microsoft support article to manage addins from the Outlook web version

  2. From the Add-Ins dialog, type Tribeloo and select it from the search dropdown

  3. Click on the add button to install the Tribeloo add-in

  4. Tribeloo add-in is now visible under my add-ins

Outlook Web only: How to pin the add-in to the event ribbon

  1. Click on settings and click on 'view all Outlook Settings'

  2. Click Calendar > Customize Actions, enable the checkmark next to Tribeloo and click Save.

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