Log into Okta and install the Okta Tribeloo application

Skip to step 4 if the Tribeloo Application has already been added to Okta

1. Log in to your Okta portal and click “Add Application”

2. Search for and select the Tribeloo app from the list

3. Add “Application label” and click Done

Set up Okta SSO

4. Go to “Sign on”, click on “View Setup instructions” and follow these instructions

5. Open the Tribeloo app, and navigate to the menu (1), Admin (2) and then select User Management (3) and then the SSO (4) tab.

6. We can now fill the Okta data into the Tribeloo SSO configuration form

  • The Okta Issuer field should be filled in the Issuer URL field on the Tribeloo form

  • The Okta SSO URL field should be filled in the Tribeloo field named SSO login URL

  • The content of the downloaded certificate should be put in the field named Certificate on the Tribeloo form

  • Don't forget to Save and then Enable SSO

Optional: Just In Time User Provisioning with SSO

This is recommended if you are not planning to set up SCIM or manual provisioning

Two additional user claims can be added to the SSO setup in Okta to improve Just in Time user provisioning with Tribeloo:

  • “Tribeloo.displayname” will allow the Tribeloo Username to be mapped to the “user.displayname” available in Okta

    • If this mapping is not available, user email is used as Tribeloo Username

  • “Tribeloo.site” will allow the user to be provisioned directly to a “Home site” in Tribeloo if the value received corresponds to the name of a Tribeloo site

    • If this mapping is not available or doesn’t match to a Tribeloo site, user will be created without “Home site” (Site = None).

    • Reach out to support if the site names in Azure AD do not match the site names in Tribeloo

7. In the “Sign On” tab of the Tribeloo app in Okta, click “Edit”

8. Set up the additional Attributes as shown below

  • Map “Tribeloo.displayname” to “user.displayName”

  • Map “Tribeloo.site” to the value that will provide the name of the Home site in Okta. In this example this is user.city.

  • Click “Save”

If you have questions or difficulties with your Tribeloo/Okta SSO integration, please contact Tribeloo support via support@tribeloo.com

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