The following provisioning features are supported by Tribeloo:

  • Create users: New users created through Okta will also be created in Tribeloo

  • Update user attributes: Updates made to the user's profile through Okta will be pushed to Tribeloo

  • Deactivate/reactivate users: Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through Okta will deactivate the user in Tribeloo. Deactivating a user means removing access to login, but maintaining the user's information as an inactive user.

  • Remove users: Users removed in Okta will also be removed in Tribeloo.

Log into Okta and install the Okta Tribeloo application

Skip to step 4 if the Tribeloo Application has already been added to Okta

1. Log in to your Okta portal and click “Add Application

2. Search for and select the Tribeloo app from the list

3. Add “Application label” and click Done

Set up SCIM User Provisioning

4. In Okta, open the Tribeloo app in Admin > Applications, go to the ‘Provisioning’ tab and click on "Enable Provisioning"

5. Check the box ‘Enable provisioning features’

4. On the Tribeloo platform, go to Admin > User management > User provisioning

5. Copy the ‘SCIM Base URL’ and ‘SCIM Bearer token’

6. And paste them in Okta

6. On the Tribeloo platform click on the green button ‘Enable User provisioning’. After clicking, the button becomes red.

7. Turn on the relevant provisioning features that you require

  • Create users: Check the box Enable to activate the creation of the user in Tribeloo when the user is assigned to the Tribeloo app

  • Update user attributes: Check the box Enable to update the user profile in Tribeloo when the user info is updated in Okta

  • Deactivate users: Check the box Enable to delete the user in Tribeloo when the user is unassigned from the Tribeloo app or when the user is deactivated in Okta

8. Click on "Save"

If you have questions or difficulties with your Tribeloo/Okta SCIM integration,
please contact Tribeloo support via support@tribeloo.com

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